Each election cycle, the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee will evaluate races for the following offices that have a strong impact on the constitutional rights of Minnesota's 2.5 million gun owners:

  • Minnesota Constitutional Offices - Governor, Attorney General, & State Auditor
  • Minnesota Legislature - State House of Representatives & State Senate
  • Minnesota Federal Offices - United State Senate & United States Congress
  • Minnesota County Offices - County Sheriff

Our Endorsement Process

Races are reviewed based on a number of factors, including the public statements and past records of candidates, the candidate surveys, previous votes, and the amount of leadership shown on advancing the rights of gun owners by each candidate.  In addition, grades and endorsements from other gun rights organizations such as the National Rifle Association are also taken under consideration.  

We may choose not to endorse in some races, endorse early in others, or wait until after a primary is completed before making a final endorsement decision.  We will endeavor to be as transparent as possible about our decisions with specific races.


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