Our Mission

The mission of the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee is to support Pro-Second Amendment candidates and lawmakers in Minnesota. We also work to pass pro-gun legislation in partnership with the National Rifle Association & the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance.

2015 Legislative Successes:

  • Passed a bill stripping the governor of his ability to violate your Second Amendment rights during a "State of Emergency".
  • Passed a bill removing the redundant requirement to notify the Commissioner of Public Safety that you intend to carry a firearm at the State Capitol using your Permit to Carry.
  • Passed a bill legalizing firearm suppressors for all lawful purposes in Minnesota.
  • Passed a bill simplifying the reciprocity process in Minnesota for Permits to Carry.
  • Passed a bill making it clear that Minnesotans could purchase a long gun from a dealer in all 49 other states.

2016 Campaign Goals:

  • Protect the Pro-Second Amendment majority in the Minnesota House of Representatives
  • Elect Pro-Second Amendment candidates to the Minnesota Senate
  • Defeat anti-gun candidates in the Minnesota House & Senate

2016 Campaign Plan:

  • Mobilize Minnesota's more than 2.5 million gun owners to the polls to support our endorsed candidates
  • Endorse & financially support Pro-Second Amendment candidates for the state legislature
  • Spend independently as appropriate to support our endorsed candidates and defeat anti-gun candidates across the state


How can I help?

  • Join our mailing list:  Get free, up to date, information about gun rights issues in Minnesota.  We'll direct action alerts specific to your legislative district, county, or city if needed.  

  • Signup as a Volunteer:  Our volunteers are the lifeblood of this organization.  Nothing that we accomplish is done without our volunteer's involvement and support.  You can do research online, post updates to our Facebook page, make calls for voter outreach, or staff a booth at a local event.  There are tons of volunteer opportunities available.


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    MINNESOTA GUN OWNERS POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE ENDORSES ANNE NEU FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE IN HOUSE DISTRICT 32B SPECIAL ELECTION  SAINT PAUL, MINN.  February 10, 2017 – The Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee today announced their endorsement of Anne Neu for State Representative in the House District 32B special election.
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    Press Release: MN Gun Owners PAC criticizes Thomas Trehus for "dishonesty" on gun rights issues

    ST. PAUL, MINN - The Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee (MNGOPAC) is criticizing House District 28B House Candidate Thomas Trehus for a pattern of dishonesty regarding gun rights issues, a major issue for residents in Southeast Minnesota. 
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