Tell Governor Dayton to arm the Minnesota National Guard!

Just a few days ago, four Marines and a Navy Sailor were killed at a recruiting station in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Because of a regulation signed by President Clinton in the 1990s, they were legally unable to be armed while on duty.

In other words, they were completely defenseless.

Despite the prohibition on carrying firearms for self-defense, one of the Marines apparently shot back. In a later attack that same day, a Navy Officer and another Marine also fired back using their personally owned weapons.

Since the attacks, the Governors of at least nine other states have authorized the arming of their state's National Guard members while on duty.

Unfortunately, Governor Dayton has refused to take any immediate action to ensure the safety and security of our National Guard members. Instead, he has stated that he believes this is a "federal issue."

The Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee believes strongly that Minnesota National Guard members should have the right to be armed while on duty to ensure their safety and security.

Actions that you can take right now to help us call upon Governor Dayton to ensure the safety & security of the Minnesota National Guard:

  1. Add your name to this petition by signing below. We'll deliver it to the Governor's office to help add to the public pressure on the Governor.
  2. Call the Governor's Office at 651-201-3400. Tell Governor Dayton that you support authorizing the Minnesota National Guard to be armed for their safety & security.
  3. Send an e-mail to Governor Dayton through his on-line contact form.

Help us ensure that our National Guard members are protected here in Minnesota by taking these actions TODAY!

Thanks for your ongoing support

Governor Dayton:

As the Governor of Minnesota, you command the Minnesota National Guard. As such, you are directly responsible for their safety and security while on duty.

Men and women serving in the Minnesota National Guard should be armed in order to defend themselves while on duty. They shouldn't be sitting ducks for the next extremist that targets our military.

We demand that you issue orders to allow them the means of self-defense to ensure their safety and security.


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