Chairman's Corner: The Threat We Face

It’s been a busy end of the year for MNGOPAC.  In the last eight weeks or so since we formally founded the PAC, I don’t think I’ve had a single solid night’s sleep. It’s not just all the details that come with spinning up a grassroots organization…and there are many of them…it’s the steady advancement of our opposition on their march to take away our fundamental rights. That’s what keeps me up at night. Read more

Chairman's Corner: What the Lemmings at Protect Minnesota Really Want

I love it when someone from the anti-rights crowd steps up and lays out their agenda for all to see, especially when they do it publicly in writing. Joan Peterson runs the group of hysterical nanny-staters called “Protect Minnesota”, and is a Brady board leader. She was kind enough to post her actual agenda on her blog recently. Let’s examine her latest diatribe against our rights, shall we? Read more

Press Release: Launching a new non-partisan Political Action Committee for Minnesota Gun Owners

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEOCTOBER 29TH, 2013   Press ContactsMark Okern, Bryan Strawser, # # #  NEW NON-PARTISAN SINGLE-ISSUE POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE TO FOCUS ON SUPPORTING PRO-SECOND AMENDMENT LAWMAKERS AND CANDIDATES IN MINNESOTA (Saint Paul, MN)  - Today, a new non-partisan single issue political action committee has launched in Minnesota focusing on supporting pro-Second Amendment lawmakers and candidates seeking state and federal office in Minnesota. “The Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee was formed following the end of the 2013 Minnesota legislative session, “ said Mark Okern, Chairman.  “Over multiple days of hearings, law abiding gun owners heard proposal after proposal that would have taken away  their ability to protect themselves, hunt, and enjoy the shooting sports while having no impact on gun violence.” The Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee will mobilize Minnesotans to support pro-Second Amendment candidates through grassroots efforts.  The PAC also plans to endorse and financially support candidates in the primary and general elections in Minnesota’s 2014 elections for the legislature and statewide offices. Read more

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