Vote Kurt Daudt for House District 31A



The Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee has endorsed Representative Kurt Daudt for re-election in House District 31A.

"As Speaker, Representative Daudt's leadership was evident during the most recent legislative biennium with the passage of five pro-gun bills that passed with large bi-partisan majorities and were signed into law by Governor Dayton.

Rep. Daudt was able to accomplish this despite a divided government and a governor reluctant to sign pro-gun rights legislation.

He is a leader that gun owners in Minnesota can trust to protect and strengthen their constitutional rights in the years ahead."

- Rob Doar, VP & Political Director, MN Gun Owners PAC


Why Re-Elect Kurt Daudt in House District 31A?

  • As Speaker, Representative Daudt has presided over the passage of more pro-gun rights legislation than anyone in recent memory.

    • In 2015, the legislative passed five pro-gun rights bills that were signed into law by Governor Dayton.

    • Those bills included:
      • Legalizing suppressors for all lawful purposes in Minnesota
      • Removing the Governor's emergency powers to seize firearms through a "state of emergency" as we saw during Hurricane Katrina
      • Removing the redundant capitol carry notification requirement for permit-holders wishing to carry a firearm at the Minnesota State Capitol Complex
      • Clarifying existing law to allow law-abiding Minnesotans to purchase firearms in other states
      • Simplifying reciprocity with other states

  • Representative Daudt took and signed the 2016 Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus candidate survey, earning an "A" grade for the second straight election.

  • Representative Daudt has earned an "A+" grade from the National Rifle Association - and has been endorsed by the NRA.

  • Representative Daudt has a solid, 100% voting record in favor of the Second Amendment. He will work to protect our constitutional rights every single time they come up for a vote.

  • Representative Daudt led his caucus in killing ineffective gun control measures proposed in the most recent legislative session, including Michael Bloomberg's gun owner registration proposal, Rep. Kim Norton's safe storage and licensing bills, and others.

Gun Owners across Minnesota can trust Kurt Daudt to protect their constitutional rights in Saint Paul.


Vote for Kurt Daudt on August 9th!



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