Tell Governor Dayton to sign the pro-gun Omnibus Bill!

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Earlier this year, the Minnesota House and Senate both passed an Omnibus Public Safety Bill that contains many of our legislative priorities for this year, including:

  • gunsign-big.pngLegalizing the use of suppressors for all lawful purposes by citizens
  • Removing the redundant requirement for permit holders to notify the Commissioner of Public Safety that they intend to exercise their Second Amendment rights at the State Capitol Complex
  • Clarifying existing Minnesota law allowing law-abiding citizens to purchase long guns in all states
  • Removing the ability of the Governor to order your firearms taken from you during a state of emergency
  • Changing the language in Minnesota's permit to carry law to improve reciprocity with other states

But the fight isn't over, because anti-gun Governor Mark Dayton has said that he would veto any bill containing the legalization of suppressors:

"Suppression of gun noise heightens the risk to law enforcement officers and also innocent bystanders," said Governor Dayton.

Actions that you can take right now to help increase the chances of this bill passing:

  1. Add your name to this petition by signing below. We'll deliver it to the Governor's office in person once the bill hits his desk from the Minnesota House & Senate.
  2. Call the Governor's Office at 651-201-3400. Tell Governor Dayton that you support the Second Amendment and urge him to sign the Omnibus Public Safety Bill when it arrives on his desk.
  3. Send an e-mail to Governor Dayton through his on-line contact form.
  4. Help us fund our extensive statewide advertising campaign to urge gun owners from across the state to contact Governor Dayton. Your donation of $10, $25, $50, $75, or even $100 or more will help us extend and expand the campaign. Even a small donation of $27 will fund a sixty second ad on a local radio station.

We're going to win this fight!  Thanks for your ongoing support.

Will you sign?


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