Press Release: MNGOPAC issues statement regarding gun control group 'Americans for Responsible Solutions' visit to Minnesota

(Saint Paul, MN)  - “Today, the gun control group Americans for Responsible Solutions is in Minnesota holding a closed training session at an undisclosed location,” said Bryan Strawser, Executive Director, Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee.

“Americans for Responsible Solutions has advocated for extreme measures that would impact law-abiding Minnesotans, including bans on commonly owned hunting rifles, universal registration of firearms, and other unconstitutional measures,” said Strawser.

Strawser added, “We agree with Americans for Responsible Solutions that domestic violence is a challenge that we should address as a state.  We call upon those who truly wish to address this issue to refocus their efforts away from gun control proposals that unduly burden Minnesota’s law-abiding citizens and towards laws that punish criminals that commit gun violence.”

“Out of state gun control organizations do not reflect Minnesota’s values of protecting the Second Amendment, hunting, and protecting one’s family and loved ones, “ said Mark Okern, Chairman. 

“Minnesotans made that clear in 2013 when hundreds upon hundreds of law-abiding citizens opposed to gun control attended hearings at the State Capitol while gun control proponents managed to turn out only a handful each day.  Had today’s meeting been open to the public, it would be clear where Minnesotans truly stand in supporting the constitutional rights of Minnesota’s gun owners while punishing violent criminals, “ said Okern.

“Unfortunately, they seem more interested in pushing their agenda behind closed doors than listening to the public here in Minnesota,” added Strawser.

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